Monday, July 14, 2008

Our First Home

So my husband Josh and I moved into our c.1930's apartment to find many wonderful c.1930's things about it: charming light fixtures, original floors, a gorgeous historic firebox.

Not as wonderful: DOZENS of layers of paint (probably back to c.1930!), a firebox more like a firehazzard (essentially a series of wires that get dangerously hot) and a small floorplan in which to bring our lives together (and all my shoes... and bags... and more shoes...)

With lots of compromise and purging (I gave away BAGS of clothing and *snif* shoes to my favourite clothing chairty the look is a little bit Lisa, a little bit Josh, and a lot of economic and space saving strageties I share with you now:


Our couch (the first thing we purchased together and did not argue over at all, praise God!) is a click clack sofa bed, perfect for guests and for lazy lounging- looks a lot more than the $350 we paid for it from the Brick.

The steamer trunk is from the same liner company as the Titanic, c. turn of the century from Pefferlaw antiques.

The lights! Original to the apartment, I love them. Walls were painstakingly painted by my husband in SW Baize green. Pillows from Teatro Verde. Storage chairs Debbie Travis, rug I got at UpCountry's closing sale.

Tiny! I'm talking 250 sq feet! Just enough for two people to stand in, perfect for us.

Bigger than a bread box? Our counters, not so much, but I had to have this 1950's bread box in our kitchen.

Painted my favourite shade of blue, SW's Atmospheric. I am a little obsessed with this colour. We paired it with a fun canary yellow as seen in the Pottery Barn lamps and Urban Outfitters blanket.

I've been looking for something to do with our wedding cards, so I took a few favourites and taking cue from Carrie's new apartment on SATC, clustered them above the bed.

As we're working with 750 sq feet, our dining room does major double duty. The brown armoire from Staples holds our computer and filing system, and a collection of semicolon (another obsession of mine!) holds fabric samples, magazines, sketches, markers and more!

The fabric for our whimsical drapes is from Designer
Fabrics and I bought the lamps merely to match (admittedly, they aren't even plugged in. My husband makes fun of me and calls our apartment "lamptastic" or an orphanage for abandoned lamps- I collect so many). The red lamp was from *sniff* Nestings closing sale ($40 from $400!) and the green milk glass lamp was from a vintage store on Queen E.

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