Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sparkle and Shine: Hot Holiday Trends

Jennifer Wilson-Speedy EDITOR, YOURHOME.CA

Move over red and green – neutrals, metallics and peacock shades are the hot holiday hues of 2008.

This year’s decor is taking a cue from the runways. PARA Paints chose a royal-inspired festive palette of plumy purple, flat silver, icy white and cream and, the season’s rising star, cobalt blue.

These colours, along with “dark, zingy” greens and shots of bright yellow, will be used to deck the halls this year, says freelance stylist, editor and trend reporter Arren Williams.

These are “very rich and very, very strong colours,” he says. “They have a sheen that makes them look sophisticated.”

“For the most part you’re not going to see [traditional colours] come up,” says Williams, explaining that people are becoming more design savvy and want to put a personal stamp on their decor.

For traditionalists, deep blue paired with silver and white is stepping up as a wintry alternative for the now oh-so-passé combo of red and green.

Metallics, including classics like silver, gold and bronze, are also popular again this season, says interior decorator Lisa Canning, from HGTV’s Marriage Under Construction.
“It should always glitter at the holidays,” she says, noting that people are no longer afraid to mix metallics.

Williams says metallics in a not-too-shiny, midtone finish are particularly hot this year.
It “picks up on traditional colours for Christmas with a modern, rich twist,” he says.
For the slightly more adventurous host or hostess, Canning suggests embracing the monochromatic trend. A combination of white, cream and silver can evoke a warm but wintry feel, while copper, beige and brown creates a natural-yet-chic atmosphere.

Interior designer Nadia Geller, from TLC’s While You Were Out and Date My House, chooses a spin on neutrals. “I definitely love the whole white neutral palette that’s going on, with pops of mint green and burlap accents,” she says.

The use of burlap pulls from another of this season’s decorating trends: textures. Try pairing natural elements, such as branches or pine cones, with luxe ribbons, chic linens and velvety fabrics for a rich festive look. Felt, wool and craft paper are also great options to play with.

With texture comes patterns. Brocade-printed glassware and crocheted ornaments are popping up, inspired by wallpaper and runways.

The use of pattern “is one of the biggest things, because people are getting more used to seeing it now, they’re getting more used to wearing it too,” says Williams, adding that even Ikea has done graphic polka dots and strong colours in their new lines.

Williams says he’s been tempted by clear glass ornaments with crocheted lacy overlays and wooden bird cut-outs for his own white tree, which is usually decked out with silver.

Paper is also a key component in this year’s holiday style. Decorators are taking a page from scrapbookers, says Williams, and “really go to town with cut-outs and decoupage, found patterns and found paper.”

To bring paper into your own decor, try fashioning small ornaments or using handprints or potato prints on craft paper to create a thrifty and charming wrapper.

While the colours and textures may be rich, your budget doesn’t have to be. In fact, this season embraces doing-it-yourself and using objects you already have around the house.

“There are different ways to express yourself and you don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars,” Williams says, adding homemade decor is experiencing a revival “but in a chic way.”

Canning is a pro at creating stylish looks on a budget. For a sample table, she pairs white linens and textured placemats with cobalt napkins and martini glasses filled with miniature white ornaments. For a handmade touch, she adds clear plates, picked up at the dollar store, personalized with guests’ names painted on in blue, and dollar store votive holders wrapped with silver ribbon. She tops off the look with a generous sprinkling of candles and a miniature silver tree and the table is complete. Total cost? $25.
“It’s just using your time and thinking creatively,” she says, noting that it’s important to think about objects, such as glasses or vases, that you can repurpose for the holidays - a practice that is both eco- and budget-friendly. She also suggests getting a little crafty, adding ribbon or paint to existing pieces to make them fit with your new decor.

Geller also plans to incorporate some creatively used objects into her decor. She says she will get empty baby food jars from a friend, wire them into her tree and fill them with flowers for an extra pop of colour and some fragrance.

As another green tip, Canning says that if you are going to buy new decorations, look for items you can use all year long – for example silver and clear glass items can be incorporated into most rooms, as can white and black pieces.

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