Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunshine in January!

While I was out today in the -18 degree weather I couldn't help but notice retailers warming thing up with a bit of a sneak peek at spring: floral dresses, cropped jackets, but best of all, lots of colour!
In tribute to colour, I stumbled across some awesome photos from Montreal's Lake Jane (yet another fabulous Canadian design blog). Enjoy: spring and sunshine are sooo close.
(click on photos for source)


Jennifer Lee said...

yellow in interiors is always so refreshing!

Lake Jane said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for the mention!

I am a big fan of the work you did on Marriage Under Construction. In fact, I blogged about the "cloffice" last Summer.

I added you to my blog list.

Marie-Eve @ Lake Ja

Juli said...

Oh I need some sunshine about now!!! You're right, yellow is the perfect substitute.

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