Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye bye bump... hello baby contest!!! Win a free design consulting package!

Always wanted to work with a designer but were scared of the price tag? Enter my BYE BYE BUMP, HELLO BABY contest to win free design consulting services with me!

In honour of the newest member of the family (and to say goodbye to my bump!) I am hosting a contest! It's my BYE BYE BUMP: HELLO BABY contest!

5 lucky winners will receive a one hour, in-home design consultation with me (to be delivered at a date TBD after I have delivered).

Among these five I'll be selecting one lucky winner to carry out a design plan from start to finish- and have the process captured and be featured here on my blog! (Sorry folks, this does not include $$$ for furniture / materials, it includes only my design consulting).


Correctly guess:

- the day the baby will come (ie. April 4, 5, 6 etc.)

- the sex of baby (will it be a dora or diego backpack?)

- if it will be under or over 8lbs (50-50 shot here folks!)

Submit your answers to info@lisacanning.ca and/or post them below. Winners will be notified by mid May!



Cheryl said...

Here's my prediction:
1. Dora
2. April 6

Good luck Lisa! You're only a few days away! :)

Cheryl said...

Totally forgot to guess the weight! Under 8lbs.

Graham said...

1. Boy
2. April 5th
3. under 8lbs

Amanda said...

My guesses:

April 10
Under 8 lbs

Good luck!

Jennifer Lee said...

I predict:
1. Baby to arrive April 6th
2. Baby will be a baby Diego
3. Under 8lbs (6.8) :)

Either way, congrats and so excited for you!!!

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