Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy long weekend!

In Canada, we celebrate a holiday today (thank you Queen Victoria!). We here at Casa Canning enjoyed a great weekend, complete with an impromptu party on Saturday night. 

But with the new baby and just moving into our new house, many of our entertaining supplies (platters, vases, etc.) are still in boxes! So we improvised- here are a few ways to make a party look oh-so-chic with oh-so-little time and stress. 

Class up your cutlery by placing it in a series of stemless wine glasses.

Spontaneous floral arrangements- I ran outside with a pair of clippers and collected some lilacs. A few went into a stemless wine glass- and the others into empties from my guests at our party! 


Create cozy seating areas for comfy conversation- I know I'm breaking a rule by squishing my furniture up against the fireplace (keep it off!), but a good party calls for rule breaking!

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