Friday, October 30, 2009

DIY Friday: Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

With baby and business I am sometimes tardy in my holiday decor- this year being no exception. So here are a few quick and easy ways to get your house ready for tomorrow's big day. (PS- I bought candy way on sale at Zellers, yesterday, they are already starting to mark down items)

The Sack-o-lanterns from Ready Made are so simple. Cut out your desired shape, throw some sand in the bottom, and light a votive candle and voila- no messy carving if you are strapped for time! I will be doing mine this afternoon...

From the poetic home a great way to use that typewriter you've got lying around. Type your visitors a scary message and leave it on your front stoop. I will be doing this one as well!

These are just amazing from decodir. Take a garbage bag, cut out a scary shape, tape it to your window and keep your lights on! It will cast an illuminated shadow for your visitors tomorrow night. Your your indoor guests, look how chic this table is. Proves that 99 cent spider webs can look classy. And of course, using regular food and coming up with spooky names for them is just so easy and simple.

What will my baby be for Halloween?

Just kidding. But this so so sweet!

For more ideas, check out my tips in The Toronto Star. Happy Halloween!

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