Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personal time: a tired but happy and fulfilled mommy!

Reflection: I am coming up on my second year of running my interior decorating business. And what a wonderful / exhausting / exhilarating / messy two years it has been.

The best (and worst) of the last two years:
- Getting recognized as an HGTV designer on the subway. (Getting recognized on the WORST hair, makeup and wardrobe days)

- Designing a table for Willow Breast Cancer Support Eat to the Beat. (I was so sleep deprived at the event because I was up all night prepping)

- Shooting a pilot for a new HGTV show (that won't be going to air), but learning that there is interest to shoot another this year

- Memorizing Benjamin Moore paint chip codes (always misplacing the decks!!!!)

- Understanding what a double roll of wallpaper means (ordering way too few and panicking the day of installation)

- Making mistakes (sometimes costly ones) and learning to accept that I'm not perfect and with failure much learning comes
- Meeting incredible clients and being invited to be a part of their family and lives, one room at a time.

Oh- and of course, the best part of the last two years:

- Marrying the love of my life, and 9 months later giving that love a name (ie having my baby John!) While it has been an interesting challenge (and flat out struggle at times) being a mompreneur, the rewards of being able to raise my son and build a business have been so good.

Giving thanks today,



Wanderluster said...

Great post Lisa. It's tough being a mompreneur but the struggles are worth the rewards. I have no doubt that you'll continue to find success and happiness in all aspects of your life!

Lisa Canning said...

Thank you Jen- another one of my favourite things that has come from starting this business- meeting you and Chloe!

Karen said...

Love this post and the picture! :)

Lisa Canning said...

Thanks Karen, a good photographer took the photo (wink) : )

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