Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scary Shower Curtain!!!

I could not resist putting this up- a "Psycho" inspired curtain rod from Toronto retailer The Water Shoppe (which sells more than just water!) at 337 Danforth Ave.
Get someone to hide in the bathroom at your Halloween bash and give them a Bates worthy scare!


The WaterShoppe women said...

Hi Lisa! So glad you enjoyed our scary shower curtain! Always appreciate a posting. Thank you.
Next visit to the store, a free sipping chocolate for you!
p.s-we spent over $1,200 to bring in Bling water. You have to see them! So girly, so so pretty...
Love your blog.

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I wish I saw that before. I would have showcased it on my Halloween quick links.

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