Friday, May 8, 2009

It's our life in a cake!!!

One more post on family in honour of mother's day. 

For my in-law's 30th wedding anniversary which we celebrated last weekend, we created a cake in their honour- or as mama Canning exclaimed, "It's our life in a cake!" Each tier features photos of times in their life: their wedding, their kids, and their growing number of grandkids. (Look close, their photos are on each tier!) 

This was my first attempt at a) baking a cake b) using fondant icing and c) doing this all with a crying infant but for the look on mom and dad Canning's face it was well worth the effort.  

Enjoy the weekend and time with the fam, xo Lisa


Amanda said...

What an incredible job for a first-timer! How did you get the photos on the cake? Was there icing on the back of them?

Lisa Canning said...

Hey Amanda! We scanned family photos (the best were the 1979 wedding pics) and I sized them down using Photoshop, printed them on long strips of cardstock, and used icing to glue it to the fondant.

The best was to see their faces looking over 30 years of marriage- priceless!

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

The photos were a wonderful idea. It is one of best ideas I have seen for an anniversary. Congratulations! I will introduce your idea to my readers.

Jee said...

omg that is wonderful, Lisa!
Great job!!! you are SO talented!

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