Thursday, May 7, 2009

What mommy wants for mother's day...

While my son might be too young to buy his mom a Mother's day present, here are a few items I would love this Mother's day! 

Happy mother's day to all mom's & mom's to be! xo Lisa

Jonathan Adler's Whittier lamp 
Full of whimsy, this would be the perfect citrus punch on my nightstand! A little luxurious treat! 

Tom Dixon's Punch pendant
I've been a fan of Tom Dixon, a British based furniture and lighting designer for a while now (excited to hear him speak at The Spoke Club next Thursday, if baby permits me!). This is uber luxe, and I'm
 debating if I like it better as a hanging pendant or the matching table lamps. 

Bernina 8 sewing machine
If you do as much crafting and sewing  as I do, regular machines just don't cut it (speaking from experience! The machine I bought last summer is already obliterated). This is the Cadillac of sewing machines and I would love it if the sewing machine stork drooped it on my porch.

A night at the Drake Hotel
I've always wanted to stay at the Drake but haven't made enough excuses to do it yet. Boasting eco-friendly attributes and one-of-a-kind vintage design pieces, what a stylish stay the Drake would make (especially for this mommy who loves sleep!).

Pier 1's Ming Chow bench
At $90 this it too good to pass up! I would spray it a fun colour and use it as occasional seating in our living room. Thanks to Michael Penney at House & Home for this find.

Lastly, I would love upholstery lessons at The Workroom. This charming Queen W sewing centre and chic shop offers sewing lessons so you can impress mom with an awesome present next Mother's day! 

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simonsays2 said...

Not sure if my Mom wants a lamp this year as flowers tend to always work well. Although, a night at the Drake is a good idea and the Spoke Club is offering members special rates at some swanky hotels in Montreal like the Place d'Armes !

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