Monday, June 8, 2009

Makeover Monday: Emily & Mark's Charming Home

For my first Makeover Monday (posts that will feature inspiring spaces from cleint's homes or my facourite blogs / websites / publications) I'm starting close to home with the home of Emily Walker, House and Home's merchandise designer.

Emily is a fellow Ryerson Fashion alum (and co-worker! We were both dons in residence at Ryerson, back in the day!) and her charming and quirky personality is reflected in her colourful home that she shares with partner Mark Holden (they're an adorable couple). 

This is a fabulous home, full of life and personality. I am a big believer that your home should feel like you. Additionally, designer Stacey Smithers has given us lots of good lessons to help in our own decorating persuits. 

Lesson #1: PUNCH ME WITH COLOUR. As you can see, a unified palette of greys, purple and yellow has been used throughout the home. But to keep things interesting (and not too psychadelic) colour has been used in moderate proportions. It's a rule I learned from my illustration professor Shelagh Stewart at Ryerson (hi Shelagh!): use 70% of one colour (could be paint, major furniture, linens) 20% of another colour (perhaps pillows, an accent wall, accessories) and 10% of a "surprise" colour (like the yellow TV in Emily's kitchen).  It's an approach to decorating that will ensure a heck of a lot of harmony and not one bit of blah. 

Lesson #2: UNITY FOR ME. Easpecially in a 900 sqft home like this one (although this rule does not apply to the small) having a sense of unity means each room is connected and flows nicely into the next. In this home, this is acheived with lots of graphics: the great print on the wall in the living room, the dainty bathroom wallpaper, the whimsical floor textile in the bedroom. 

Lesson #3: LIGHTEN UP. I am always for humour in decorating. And I don't mean necessarily the obvious kind (like the cute and quirky "I'm Sorry" print in Em's kitchen). Don't be afraid to play with colour, texture, unexpected graphics and personal touches. Even the most demure of designs can be injected with personality- make your home your own!

The original gallery with product and design information on H&H can be found here.


Christine McAvoy Photography said...

I miss all of you! Lots.

Also, I want to take those photos!


Jennifer said...

I love that suzani hanging behind the sofa.

cheapgurl said...

Love it! Purple is my favourite colour. You have given me great ideas how I can incorporate it in my space.

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