Monday, July 13, 2009

Makeover Monday: Christmas in July

Yes it's summer, and the closest we'll come to snow right now is the kind in the cone- but long lead media peeps are thinking Winter Wonderland as they prepare for the Holiday 09 publications.

So in honour of "Christmas in July" today's makeover Monday features Amanda's House from The Holiday.

Why this works: Amanda's LA home has a consistent colour
palette of soft beige, white and chocolate brown. It's modern, but thanks to the more traditional furniture choices, very soft and comfortable as well. It reads as stylish, casual and very LA (not the uptight part).

How to get this look in your home: Look at every room in your house like a chapter in a book. Each chapter is different, but
you know based on context that they all relate. Pick a colour and
use it as the accent in each room, or pick a motif like a print or graphic to tie
them all together.

Photos courtesy of Hooked on Houses

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

That bathtub is GORGEOUS! If only we had sunlight like that in Toronto in the winter time... feels like half of our year is spent in the dark. LOL... thanks for sharing!

Makes me almost want to pick up and move to LA.

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