Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Textile Tuesday: P is for piping

Piping is an upholstery detail where a chord is covered in fabric and sewn into the seams of the main body. I learned how to do it the summer I worked on MUC and it is a favourite detail of mine. It adds a tailored, yet delicate detail. Done in a contrasting colour- yum yum.

Enjoy a few examples: Carolyn sofa from Overstock.com; Century Furniture chairs by way of NJ.com; footstool by KLUpholstery; Amy Butler bags.


Cheryl said...

Love that ottoman! Sadly that Amy Butler fabric has been discontinued :(

Piping adds a more finished look to a piece. I wish I knew how to sew stuff like that :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting my ottoman on your blog! Kristin @KL Upholstery

Baby said...

You find very cute furniture. And I think the carolyn sofa from Overstock would look wonderful in my drawing room.

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