Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take me to mjölk!

I am in love:

Welcome to mjölk, the new kid on the design block (the block being the Juncion in Toronto). Why am I in love?

The products (Scandinavian & Japanese goodies) speak for themselves but the interior of the store is what caught my attention.

Reclaimed natural wood against some cloud white will always be a winner. And some cute toys to begin my son's education in the Scandinavian vernacular:

Visit mjölk at 2959 Dundas Street West. Photos by Juli Daost (via kitkadesigntoronto) & Emma McIntyre (viaBlogto)


melissa said...

i saw this in a blogto post and can't wait to visit!

Juli said...

Aww thanks Lisa! Can't wait to see you and hopefully your son soon!

Lisa Canning said...

You are so welcome Juli- I am dying to see the space- and a booth at IDS next year perhaps? Miss you!

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