Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IDS 09- adornments for your abode

A common question I get asked is what is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to home decor- and for me it's definitely in accessories. The small details, similar to the jewelry you pair with an outfit, make a huge difference in the overall finished look of a room. It's all about the details- door handles, light fixtures, nail head details, piping on pillows-that will take your look from boring to ca-ching.

For inspiration, take a look at some of my favourite accessories from this year's Interior Design Show.

Who says your actual accessories can't be used to accessorize your home? From one the 5x5 featured concept spaces, the team at Thomas Pearce showcased "a glamorous private residential fantasy for a power couple". Residential fantasy indeed- the fashionista in me went crazy over a wall of footwear that would make Imelda proud.

A gorgeous hand made mosaic mirror from mosaicworks. It takes mosaic artist Karen Johnston endless hours to create these spectacular pieces- my photo does her work no justice, you must visit her website to see her work shine.

I am in love with this Mme Galet Junior ceramic lamp by Mathias available at Roseland Gallery.
At $629, it comes in several colours and could be an amazing jumping off point for your room's colour scheme.

This incredible chandelier available at Industrial Storm is reminiscent of dripping wax (or something you'd find out of the Phantom of the Opera stage set?). I enjoy the contrast of the organic "melting" next to the clean lines of the table.

This floral print is created out of nail heads fastened to leather. A striking entrance to the showcase space of Thomas Pearce. While time consuming, this could be an amazing DIY project (perhaps the making of a future blog post...stay tuned!).

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