Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IDS 09- The Green Guide

While the idea of "going green" and being "eco chic" is by now means new (and by the way, according to the trend forecasting seminar I attended is not leaving us anytime soon), I did find some products and concepts that I wanted to covet- and might make you also (pardon my use of the vernacular) "green" with envy.

Schoolyard is a darling collection of handmade wall decor, linens, baby, sleepwear and paper goods. All their products are printed lovingly by hand using organic materials.

LoVo is the new Low-VOC product by C2 Paint. By using it you're choosing to help reduce the amount of ground-level ozone released into the atmosphere. My favourite part- all 496 of their handcrafted colours come in large (11" x 17") tester swatches. LoVo paint is available at Ontario Paint and Wallpaper or Monarch Paints- if you attended the show, you got a coupon for a free tester pot (all the more reason to attend these shows my friends!).

Marmoleum available at forbo flooring systems is a natural choice for flooring that you can install in a "click!" Made from materials abundant in nature and produced according to an environment-friendly procedure, Marmoleum is hygienic and anti-static, as well as being fully biodegradable after 25 to 40 years’ use.

I am excited about Umbrella Cabinetry. Their products are manufactured locally and they work with suppliers with a similar green ethic. Check out their website for their full range of products/services including indoor/outdoor kitchens and sustainable accessories.

Perhaps one of my favourite finds at IDS this year- Chomalab, all the way from Boston, takes neglected but promising pieces of furniture and gives them a beautiful face lift with new paint, hardware and layers of gorgeous high gloss lacquer. Very reclaimed chic, n'est pas?

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Juli said...

Thanks for the eco IDS tour - I still can't believe that eco hasn't fully taken over but at least we're moving forward! We're going to be painting the insides of our closets soon and I definitely need low-VOC since it makes me sooo sick - but surprisingly it's still pretty hard to find (I went to Home Depot and they said I couldn't get dark blue paint in low-VOC).

Hey, btw, any suggestions for redoing a large clothes closet on a budget - you should do a post! Because I am at my wits end and am almost going to spend a lot of cash on elfa or something, but don't really want to invest at this time. But the systems at Home Depot seem not very user friendly. I read somewhere that the interior of a closet should be as nice as the rest of the room and I believe it to be true. Any ideas???

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