Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IKEA @ IDS 09: high end looks at wallet friendly prices

It's no secret I use IKEA pieces in many of my design projects (and almost get a thrill off making them look as high end as possible) so I was pleased to see IKEA's model suite at this year's Interior Design show. I've shared my styling tips for how to take assemble yourself pieces and make them look as high end as possible. Enjoy!

My illustration prof at the Ryerson School of Fashion always said "give them a surprise splash of colour." Using fuchsia and orange against white cabinets and off white printed wallpaper brings your eye into the space and creates an exciting and energetic presence. For more of a calm feel, try your hand at pastels, taupes and greys. For something with loads of va-va-voom, dip your brush into the magentas, cobalts, chartreuses and marigolds.

I love this little collection on the bedside table. The reflective surface showcases twinkling frames and a spherical lamp. Grouping a collection adds to the variety in a room and when done tastefully (grouping items together by colour, by texture, by style, by type of object) will erase any associations with knick-knack or bric-brack.

Nothing cramps style more than a big mess. I always say a successful design must take into account how people live and use the space- and if you can't integrate your collection of vintage bangles or copious scarves into your abode then what's the point. Take inventory of everything that needs to be in the room (don't forget to edit!) plus add 15% for your collection to grow.

Using the most basic IKEA cupboard units is an amazing way to stretch your budget. I am a big fan of adding more expensive hardware and faucets to simple, streamlined units. And to quote fellow blogger Melissa Davis, "no one will question my H&M $29.99 little black dress when I wear it with a pair of Gucci heals and fantastic jewelry." Your kitchen can be a fashionista too!

For product information visit http://www.ikea.ca/

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