Thursday, February 19, 2009

A whole lot of chic @ Shabby Chic

In getting ready to move into our new home my mind is buzzing with how to decorate it- will it be modern? bold? colourful? While I have no problem helping my clients understand their own style and communicate that in their home, it's a whole other can of paint when it comes to my own home.
Stumbling on US/web based retailer Shabby Chic gave me loads of inspiration. Here are a few of my favourite pieces (bonus, they ship world wide).
(Below: Petal pendant $450; Crown linen pillow $165; coffee table $199!)

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Jennifer Lee said...

i have the same delema when it comes to designing for myself. i just can't pick one look - i have so many ideas ... i guess that's why they say designers homes are always changing :)

love that pendant light. just gorgeous. love to see what you end up doing.


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